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Mineral Exploration & Geo-chemical Analysis

Modern day XRF analysers have revolutionised geo-chemical and mining exploration analysis. Today, with modern XRF technology you can take the laboratory with you to the site. With Skyray’s Genius handheld XRF analyser you can have a complete detailed sample analysis, including the GPS location, within a few minutes compared to what would have traditionally taken days or even weeks therefore saving you the huge expense that incurs on the operation or project.

The Genius 7000 Minerals Analysis analyser is used for a wide range of applications including mine mapping, ore analysis including precious metals, grading of material, monitoring of waste material and the environment and smelting operations. The Genius 7000 is a higher performance handheld XRF analyser incorporating the best silicon drift detector on the market and a powerful and flexible software analysis suite providing the level of accuracy, precision and speed required for on-site analysis today. The Genius can detect magnesium (Mg) through to uranium (U), so is capable of detecting the lighter elements, has an inbuilt HD camera for those times where you may need to test a particular point on the sample and GPS for identifying the location of the site.

Some applications include:

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The Genius 7000 Brochure

Genius 7000   Mineral/Mining Analyser

The Genius XRF is small, light and powerful, providing fast non-destructive on-site analysis of samples. Samples can be solid, liquid or powder and require no preparation before measurement. A high resolution PDA operating Windows CE with Bluetooth communication, personal data handling, report generation (in Microsoft XL format) and email capabilities provides graphical and numerical analysis of measurements to the level you require. An inbuilt GPS facility helps accurately pinpoint the location of the measurement in the field.

Genius 7000 Video Demonstration (When playing click options for fullscreen & higher definition)