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Skyray XRF Analysers

  Handheld                         Explorer,  Genius,  Pocket III

  Precious Metals               EDX600,  EDX880,  EDX3000

  Professional RoHS          EDX2800,   EDX1800B

  Full -Element                   EDX3600B,  EDX3600H,  EDX6000B

  Plating Thickness            Thick 800A

  Wavelength Dispersive   WDX Series

  Plasma Spectroscopy     ICP 2000



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Precious Metals Analysers

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Handheld Analysers

EDX 3600H

Full-Element Analyser

edx3600h xrf analyser

Thick 800A

Plating Thickness Analyser

Thick 800AWDX Wavelength Dispersive XRF Analysers

WDX Series

Skyray Products

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysers

Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysers

ICP2000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer

ICP 2000

Plasma Spectrometers

The Skyray range are High Performance analysers utilise X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) to accurately and precisely perform measurements on materials and samples. XRF is a non-destructive technique used in quality control to positively identify materials or element content and for plating layer thickness determination. It is a simple, rapid and cost effective method for determining the composition of many materials in solid, liquid or powdered form requiring very little (if any) sample preparation and capable of detecting a wide range of elements from sodium (Na) through to uranium (U) down to and below the ppm level. The range of products shown below are categorised into three main areas: Energy and Wavelength Dispersive Analysers and Plasma Spectrometers. A number of other products not listed here are also available for Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography.

Our range of instruments will allow you choose a model that is most suited to your application and budget no matter what your application whether it is for: precious metals analysis, scrap metal sorting, steel and alloy identification, RoHS or WEEE screening for hazardous substances, analysis of minerals or environmental monitoring ...

Applications List

Instrument UK

EDX 6000B


Full-Element Analyser

EDX 6000B

Some General Applications

    Metal Sorting and Recycling

    Positive Material Identification (PMI)

    RoHS and Toy Safety

    Lead Paint Testing

    Environmental & Soil Monitoring

    Mining and Exploration

    Precious Metals and Jewellery

    Catalytic Converter Analysis

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EDX 1800B

RoHS Analyser

EDX 1800B

Precious Metals Analysers

EDX 3000ExplorerExplorer