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Skyray XRF Analysers

  Handheld                         Explorer,  Genius,  Pocket III

  Precious Metals               EDX600,  EDX880,  EDX3000

  Professional RoHS          EDX2800,   EDX1800B

  Full -Element                   EDX3600B,  EDX3600H,  EDX6000B

  Plating Thickness            Thick 800A

  Wavelength Dispersive   WDX Series

  Plasma Spectroscopy     ICP 2000



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Precious Metals Analysers

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Precious Metal Analysers  -  Accurately Determine the Exact Content of your

                                                                                  Precious Metals & Jewellery

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers offer a simple, non-destructive, rapid and reliable way of determining the content of precious metals and jewellery with immediate karat value calculation. Skyray XRF analysers will determine the content of gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), rhodium (Rh) and the presence of other metals. This gives you the ability to accurately and quickly assess an item’s value unlike many other techniques.

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EDX 600


Genius 1000 (see below)

Others coming soon

Instrument UK

Clear Presentation of Results including karat and  Easy Report Printing Simple User Interface Analyser Software

The Skyray range of XRF precious metals testers are widely used within the precious metals, jewellery and recovery of scrap precious metals sectors and offer a cost effective way to save time and money by analysing and valuing precious metals and jewellery in-house whenever you need to.

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EDX 3000

EDX 3000

EDX 600

Genius 1000 Video Demonstration (When playing hover mouse over the video  & click options  for fullscreen & higher definition)

Testing precious metals by XRF :



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