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The "Industry Standard" for Quality Control

The Master series tester has been meticulously designed and developed with accuracy and precision in mind and is the industry standard tester for qualifying Blu-ray discs.

Based on the ODU-1000 and Inspector series reference systems which are recognised by all in the Testing & Certification Centres for DVD/Blu-ray discs, the Master series display exceptional correlation with the ODU-1000 making it a reference standard system. The system has been fully re-designed in a new compact size for reliable performance, to reduce cost and to enhance it’s user interface for more easier operation yet providing the detailed analysis tools when required. The BD Master series is available in two models with testing speeds of 1x or 2x and is the first 2x speed tester in the market; 1x speed models can be upgraded to 2x speed with ease.

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Master Disc Tester for Blu-ray

Pulstec Industrial Co. Ltd.

With the First 2x Speed BD Tester on the market.

Pulstec -

Pulstec optical disc evaluation systems are considered as the industrial de-facto standard. Providing solutions for both recordable and pre-recorded disc and stampers

Master Disc Tester

BD Master Stamper Tester