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ICP 2000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer

ICP2000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer

The ICP2000 is an Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer; an optical emission spectrometer using an ICP excitation source. This is a highly sensitive and precise technique capable of determining a wide range of elements down to 0.1 parts per billion (ppb) and is widely used in research institutions, universities, laboratories and other organisations across a wide range of areas. Application areas include: geology, metallurgy, environmental monitoring, rare-earth materials, electroplating, petrochemical engineering, cement production control, non-ferrous metals analysis, medical science, food safety and agriculture.

Petrochemical Engineering




Food Safety

Medicine Safety

Laboratory Research

Environmental Monitoring

Application Fields

ICP2000 Plasma Spectrometer for Petrochemical EngineeringMedicine Saftey

Instrument UK

ICP 2000 - Technical Specifications

Further System Details

RF Generator

Circuit Type:                          Inductive feedback self-oscillating, with
                                            coaxial cable transmission and
                                            closed-loop auto-control power feedback.

Operating Frequency:             40 Mhz ± 0.05 %.

Frequency Stability:               <0.1 %.

Power Output:                       800 - 1200 W.

Power Output Stability:          <0.3 %.

Electromagnetic Leakage:      Electric field intensity: E <2 V/m @ 30cm
                                            from shell.

Main Characteristics

Elements:                    ~70 (multiple simultaneously).

Detection Limit:            0.1-10 ppb (and even lower).

High Precision:             RDS≤2 %.

Wide linear density range: 5 - 6 orders of magnitude.

Measurable Elements and Detection Limits

(Hover mouse over image to zoom)

Optical System

Optical Path:                         Czerny-Turner.

Focal Length:                        1000 mm.

Grating Specification:             Ion Beam Etching Holographic Grating; the
                                            etching density is 3600 grooves/mm, and
                                            etching area is 80 x 110 mm.

(Optional grating - 2400 grooves/mm, etching area: 80 x 110 mm).

Reciprocal Linear Dispersion: 0.26 nm/mm.

Resolution:                           ≤0.008 nm.

Scan Wavelength Range:       3600 grooves/nm scan range: 195 - 500 nm.

                                            2400 grooves/nm scan range: 195 - 800 nm.

Minimum Wavelength Step:    0.0006 nm.

Exit and Entrance Slit:           20 μm.

Reflector:                              (70 x 105 x 16) mm.

Transmission Mirror:              ϕ30, 1:1 imaging.

Temperature Control:             32 ± 1 ºC.