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Solutions are available for Nimbus CD/DVD mastering systems employing either a 375 nm or 405 nm diode. These solutions have been designed to ensure the mastering system is capable of producing quality CD and DVD product within specification and to ensure the upgrade downtime is kept to a minimum.

Mastering Technologies specialises in providing Solid State Laser Diode upgrades to mastering systems and currently supplies diode solutions for both Nimbus Offline and Pi mastering systems. Working closely with the diode system manufacturer (Omicron), Mastering Technologies will provide a solution that best matches your requirements.

Omiconr Solid State Laser Diode for Mastering Upgrades Omicorn Solid State Laser Diode for Nimbus Mastering Upgrades

The upgrades are primarily aimed at replacing gas laser systems, but are equally suitable to replace other laser diodes in mastering systems to enhance a system's stability, reliability and the quality of results.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Products and Services

Diode Upgrades

Benefits offered by the Solid State Laser Diode: