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Regulations such as RoHS and WEEE restrict the amounts of lead, mercury, cadmium and other hazardous elements in many products, where content needs to be less than 1000 ppm (or 100 ppm for cadmium). Skyray have a range of XRF equipment including the Genius hand held XRF analyser detailed here to help screen and check that materials and products are compliant with the legislation.

XRF is increasingly used in many industries now to screen and verify that products conform to the RoHS regulations often at all stages of manufacturing, from incoming raw materials and components to sub-assemblies and the final product and it’s packaging. This is becoming more important as the burden of due diligence is increasingly placed on companies such as the manufacturers and assembly plants.

The Genius 3000 is a widely used in RoHS screening and hazardous element analysis. The Genius is a high performance handheld XRF analyser incorporating the best silicon drift detector on the market providing the level of accuracy, precision and speed required for such complex analysis. The Genius has a lower limit of detection and can detect Mg through to U. An inbuilt HD camera is incorporated in the system for those times where you may need to focus and test a particular point on the sample.

Some applications include:

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The Genius 3000 Brochure

Genius 3000   RoHS Analyser

Genius 3000 Video Demonstration (When playing click options for fullscreen & higher definition)

Test Result of EC681K