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Skyray XRF Analysers

  Handheld                         Explorer,  Genius,  Pocket III

  Precious Metals               EDX600,  EDX880,  EDX3000

  Professional RoHS          EDX2800,   EDX1800B

  Full -Element                   EDX3600B,  EDX3600H,  EDX6000B

  Plating Thickness            Thick 800A

  Wavelength Dispersive   WDX Series

  Plasma Spectroscopy     ICP 2000



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X-Ray Fluorescence

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive technique used in the quality control and analysis of products and materials. It provides details of the metals or elements present and the content and can also be used for measuring coatings or plated layer thickness. XRF is a simple, rapid and cost effective method for determining the composition of many materials in solid, liquid or powdered form. It is a stable technique providing reliable and accurate analysis requiring very little (if any) sample preparation and capable of detecting a wide range of elements from sodium (Na) through to uranium (U) down to and below the ppm level.

This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact us to discuss your area of interest if it is not listed here.

XRF Analyser Range

Applications Guide

We have a range of products including small bench-top spectrometers through to larger industrial/laboratory based instruments and hand-held systems for use in the field. Theses analysers have many application fields and are used across a wide range of industries. Listed below are some of the most popular products and applications. If your application is not listed, please contact us to discuss your needs further.

RoHS - Hazardous Substance Screening

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