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Pocket III - Technical Specifications


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EDX Pocket III Handheld XRF Analyser

Source:                     40 KV, 50 μA X-ray tube, Ag/W anode target.

Detector:                   Thermo-electric cooled Si-PIN.

Detection Limit:          0.001 ~ 0.01 %.

Elements:                  S to U.

Sample:                     Solid, liquid or powder.

Dimensions:               260 x 325 x 125 mm (l x h x w)

Weight:                      1.4 Kg

Display:                      High resolution PDA running Windows CE with

                                  Bluetooth communication and email.

Power:                        Operating time of two fully-charged Li batteries no

                                  less than 8 hrs.

Standard Accessories: Shock, pressure and water-proof lockable case.

                                  Charger. Large capacity SD card and reader.

                                  Two 4000 mAh Li batteries. (lab stand (optional)).

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